Sunday, November 6, 2016

Striped Tee | Black Denim (33% off right now!) | Plaid Top | Similar Booties (also love these!) | Bracelets

In Corpus we have a place called At Home and that’s where I get a lot of our holiday decorations as well as home decor. I think there are At Homes all across the US but I know they are few and far between so I recommend Hobby Lobby or Target as well! 

All of our pumpkins are fake from Hobby Lobby, lol. I love real pumpkins but they're just not practical for this tough Texas heat so I always go for the fake ones since they won't rot away!

I picked our mums and planters up at our local Lowes, I had stopped in to grab some last minute Halloween decor a few weeks ago and couldn't resist these darling little pops of color when I passed them in the garden section! Their not projected to live long and especially with me being the gardener lol but I plan to switch them up after fall anyways! 
The rug and wreath on the door are from At Home, but Hobby Lobby has a great selection and lately a lot of their decor has been 40% off! 


Just one of the many streets of the 5th Avenue market and mall!
A silly t-shirt shop that my boyfriend stopped and obsessed over every time we passed.
This is called the Portal Maya Sculpture, stands over 50ft tall and holds a lot of significance to the area and Mayan culture that is so widely popular in this area.
This is the beginning of the market right outside of our resort. We had a few cocktails and enjoyed a mexican serenade at "Tequila Town".

Dress | Purse (also love this & this) | Sandals | Sunglasses | Earrings | Bracelets | Watch

Let me just start by saying, I fell in love with the market and all the culture it carried and we walked the mile long streets at least once a day! At first it is a little intimidating because the shop owners are some go-getters but after the initial culture shock, you can't help but fall in love with everything around you. From the endless bars, restaurants, and adorable handmade shops, you're sure to be wandering for hours and never short of tequila! ;) Also, this outfit was the perfect choice for my exploration of the market! My dress and shoes were extremely light and so comfortable, and I wouldn't of been caught dead lugging around anything but a low maintenance cross body purse for walking around in the heat all day. Don't forget to shop my oufit details using the link above and for any questions regarding my trip down 5th Avenue, be sure to leave me a comment! 

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