Your Favorite Sweater This Winter

Thursday, December 15, 2016

       Lately we've had such bipolar weather in South Texas (like always), so transitioning your wardrobe between summer and winter can be a daily dilemma! With that being said, having some versatile items in your closet is key! 

     This winter, layering is all the hype and this is so the sweater to make your layering dreams come true!
 Not only is this sweater super comfy and cozy, but its completely versatile (which is exactly what you need)! It has the perfect amount of baggy while still being flattering and at $39, you can't beat it! I actually picked it up on sale and grabbed it in every color I could get my hands on! The colors are awesome and even have a slight marble effect knitted in (which is also a huge upcoming trend). I do recommend sizing down though! So from booties to OTK boots, to jean shorts and sandals, you'll get so much use from staple item! Keep an eye out for upcoming posts of this sweater styled in different colors ;)

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